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Check Your Mail - You May Be Getting a Flirty and Unexpected Gift

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - For the over seven million couples in the United States who are in long-distance├é┬Łrelationships, connecting with a significant other on special occasions can be a challenge.

While some couples send classic gifts such as flowers or candy, the adventurous type may opt to send a flirty and intimate gift to their loved one: a Lingerie Letter. Putting a modern spin on the classic letter, a Lingerie Letter is lingerie with a message attached. These gifts are now available from Panty on the Vine, which offers a selection of custom panties and lingerie.

Lingerie Letters from Panty on the Vine are gifts containing a personalized note neatly tied to lingerie, which is then packaged with ribbon in a seductive black envelope or box. Packages are mailed as a surprise to homes, military bases, or work places. Gifts can be sent anonymously, and arrive in discrete packages to surprise the recipient.

Research from the Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships shows that couples in long distance relationships send an average of three letters a month to each other. A great way to make a gift memorable is to make it personal, suggest the founders of Panty on the Vine. Sending your message with lingerie in a gift wrapped box will definitely catch their attention.

Available products from Panty on the Vine range from simple red or pink panties to two-piece lingerie sets with accessories. New and only available at Panty on the Vine is the Gram Response Service, a way for the recipient to send a message back to the Lingerie Letter's sender. This service is provided free with every order because a truly successful message goes both ways.

Panty on the Vine offers a full selection of panties and lingerie to choose from, and has sent hundreds of orders to lovers around the world. For more information about these products, please visit pantyonthevine.com


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