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Valentines Day FAQ

Sending a Lingerie Letter This Valentine's Day

(Also visit our FAQ page for more answers)

When should I have my Lingerie Letter shipped?

You can choose when you'd like your package to arrive, and we'll do the rest! If you'd like the package to arrive on Sunday, February 14th, select Express Shipping. (We do our best to make sure that Ground and Priority will arrive on Valentine's Day, however Express Mail is the only mail that we can guarantee to arrive on a specific date.)

When is the last chance to order for Valentine's Day?

Please order before 2PM EST on Saturday, February 13th and select Express shipping. Order in advance if possible!

Can't make it for Valentine's day? No worries, this gift is welcome any time of year. Sometimes the unexpected date just adds to the fun!

Please note that:
1) Arrival dates for Ground and Priority shipping are estimated, and not guaranteed. Priority is more likely to arrive on time.

2) Express will be sent right away, if ordered by 2PM EST (except for certain remote locations, or outside the 48 contiguous US states). Yes, we can arrange for it to arrive on Sunday! Orders may arrive early.

Can I order now for Valentine's Day?

Yes! When you place your order, one of the questions we ask you is "When do you want it to arrive?" You can select a future date or have it shipped out ASAP. For a guaranteed to arrive by date, select Express Shipping. If you're more flexible with when you'd like your package to arrive, select Ground or Priority to save some money!

Where should I send my Lingerie Letter?

Where ever your special someone can receive it - send it to their home, office, wherever they are stationed or even to the hotel they're staying at. Lingerie Letters help send surprises when they least expect it, so get creative! If you're sending it to an address that you're not used to, make sure to check for a suite number or any other specific address information to ensure that your package arrive promptly. Not sure if the address is 100% correct? Visit the USPS website and type in the address that you have to double check.

What should I say?

The best messages are often simple with a personal twist. Visit our sample messages section to for more ideas.

Ready to send a Lingerie Letter?

Visit our products page and find the Lingerie Letter that matches you!

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